At 7:30 p.m., a cyclist was struck at the corner of 22nd and Dolores streets. Officers were quickly on the scene, and the cyclist was evaluated by medics.

The cyclist, a young girl police estimated to be in her 20s, was fine, according to Officer Gary Bruckner. He was unable to specify her injuries.

The driver was making a left turn onto Dolores Street from 22nd when she hit the cyclist, who was biking east on 22nd Street. The driver’s white car was dented and remained in the middle of the intersection with an ambulance and a police car. The driver cooperated with officers.

“She’s very upset,” Bruckner said, referring to the driver. “She obviously didn’t mean to do it.”

Bruckner said the cyclist was wearing a helmet and using lights, though they were not bright enough. He said that in the 20 minutes following the accident, he had seen a handful of bikers who he thought needed brighter lights.

The Dolores and 22nd intersection is particularly dangerous for cyclists, he said.

“It’s downhill and bikes get very into that speed, they lose common sense of safety and try to blow through the intersection,” Bruckner said. “It’s one of those risky intersections for bikes.”