The intersection of 15th and Valencia.

A scuffle on 15th Street near Valencia quickly escalated into a fight involving at least four suspects and two arrests just after 4 p.m. today.

According to police reports, a man was targeted by a female and a male suspect, just outside EM Liquor store at 399 Valencia St.

When the victim was down on the ground, the male suspect pulled out a gun. The victim then attempted to take the gun from the male suspect, at which point the female suspect attacked the victim. During the struggle, a shot was fired but no one was injured.

According to eyewitness accounts from workers at PicaPica Maize Kitchen, a crowd gathered around the scene and people attempted to help the victim. Two men reportedly emerged from a vehicle, and one beat the victim with a bat. Four police cars and one police motorbike then appeared at the scene.

A woman accompanying the victim attempted to intervene as the victim was attacked. The four people involved then moved the fight up Valencia Street, just outside of Nooworks, at 395 Valencia St., where they attracted the attention of a clerk, who alerted the police.

Shortly after, the male and female suspects fled toward Four Barrel Coffee at 375 Valencia, and ran to the back of the store in an attempt to escape.

Police then entered the coffee shop and arrested the two suspects.

“That was definitely the most intense thing I’ve ever seen,” said Tal Mor, a coffee roaster at Four Barrel.

According to Mor, the suspects ran to the back room where he was roasting coffee beans and asked if they could get out. When Mor denied them an exit, they turned around and tried to blend in among the 80 or so customers. When officers arrived, they were handcuffed.

Many customers had no idea what was going on and, according to Mor, it was business as usual after the arrests.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, this was a possible robbery.

“You’d think that with the cold and the rain this wouldn’t happen,” said a resident of the nearby Valencia Gardens, who witnessed the attack but asked to remain anonymous. “Usually this happens when it’s hot outside, but it’s scary.”

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