Mission Police Captain: “Residents and Visitors Should Feel Safe”

Despite the third deadly shooting in the Mission in less than a week,  Police Captain Greg Corrales said that “residents and visitors should feel safe.”

“[Police Chief Greg Suhr] has given me all the resources and personnel that I need” he said. “We have a lot of officers out there. Other than this unrelated homicide, it’s been pretty peaceful since the two gang shootings.”

It’s unlikely that gang members would want to retaliate with a heavy police presence on the streets, he said.

As for future gang violence, he added, police believe Tuesday’s deadly shooting of Edson Lacayo, a known Sureño, won’t trigger retaliation because it might have been a crime of opportunity.

Lacayo, 29, was gunned down at 11:30 p.m. while walking nearby to his home on Hampshire Street near 20th.

“There is some speculation that it was theft and that the shooter was a Sureño himself and there is no need for retaliation,” Corrales said. “That’s a strong hypothesis.”

Lacayo, a father of two and an aspiring musician, lived just four houses down from where he was shot, according to his Facebook page.

Camp Street Homicide

The killing of a 45-year-old man on the quiet block of Camp Street, near 16th and Guerrero streets, was not gang-related, police said.

“Everyone pretty much agrees it wasn’t gang-related,” said Mission Police Captain, Greg Corrales. “There were no drugs on the scene when they responded, there is a lot of speculation on what the motives were.”

Residents in the area told Mission Loc@l that substance abusers would occasionally go that street to use drugs because it was less busy than Guerrero Street.

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