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UPDATED: 10:30 p.m.

A man was shot in the stomach on Guerrero Street at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday after he confronted a group of people outside of Valencia Gardens and shot into the group, police said.

Someone in the group shot back, wounding the man in the stomach. His car was also hit, police said.

The injured man then fled in his car. UCSF officers noticed him speeding east on 17th Street and running a red light at Folsom Street.

The officers pursued the suspect, who ran several more stops before hitting a car at 20th and Folsom streets.

He then tried to flee on foot, but police detained him and recovered a gun from the vehicle. Police said they also found a gun at Valencia Gardens.

The suspect is at San Francisco General Hospital; his condition is unknown. The driver of the other car was also taken to SF General, where he is being treated for neck pain. He is in stable condition, police said.

Earlier, bystanders told Mission Loc@l that a man standing on the sidewalk in front of Valencia Gardens had shot a gun toward Guerrero. A shop owner said he heard the shots from inside his store and watched as families ran from the scene.

Police closed Guerrero to traffic between 14th and 15th streets for several hours.