The suspect standing while the victim identified him.

A young man in his 20s was arrested at 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday at 24th and Mission streets after his alleged victim noticed him riding by on the 14-Mission.

At the time, the victim was talking to police on the corner of Mission and 23rd streets, reporting an earlier incident on the 14-Mission. Suddenly, he stopped.

That’s him, he looked right at me, the victim told police as the 14-Mission rolled by.

Police at Mission and 23rd streets

Police took off after the bus and stopped it at 24th Street.

They nabbed the suspect without incident.

Earlier, the victim said, he had been riding home from downtown when the suspect started yelling at the driver.

“I told him to calm down, and then he turned on me. He started making all of these signs,” the victim said, trying to imitate him, “and I said, whoa.”

The suspect identified himself as a member of the Sureño gang and pulled out a knife.

The 14-Mission

That was enough for the victim, who got off the bus around 20th Street. The suspect followed and had fled by the time police arrived.

Then, around 8:40 p.m., as police finished interviewing the victim, the 14-Mission rolled by and the victim saw the young man who had allegedly pulled the knife on him looking out the window at the scene of cops below.

When the victim arrived at 24th, he stayed in the police car as the driver kept his lights on the suspect. Two police held the suspect between them. Once the victim identified the suspect, police put the young man into a police van and drove away.

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  1. Good. We all have to stand up and ID the punks around us. Thet’s the only way to get them off our streets. I’m very, very proud of the young man for reporting this to the polie and then having the courage to ID the thug. Well done young man, well done. I wish there were a thousand more like you.

  2. Cool! Not quite Navy Seals material, but cool nonetheless that this young man had the wherewithall to glance, see and recognize the thug. Way to go, Homey! This is a great example of a Citizen’s Arrest.

  3. … the suspect was subsequently released 30 minutes later – he is believed to be looking for revenge.

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