A 22-year-old woman who was kidnapped Sunday evening at 18th and Lexington streets fought off a rape attempt, escaped and called police, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

Officer Albie Esparza said the department learned of the crime from the San Mateo county hospital, where the victim was treated.

The woman told officials that she was kidnapped at 5 p.m. on Sunday by two men armed with knives.

They forced her into a green Toyota truck and headed south on Highway 101, driving over the county line into San Mateo.

The victim was able to fight off a rape attempt and escape from the truck.

The suspects are two men between the ages of 35 and 40.

Esparza said that the SFPD had no further information about the crime.

The San Mateo County sheriff’s office wrote a supplemental report for the SFPD, but a spokesperson there declined to release any details other than that the victim escaped somewhere along the coast.

Earlier Sunday

Bars close at 2 a.m., but people are still out on Valencia Street between 16th and 17th streets.

One of them, a 30-year-old man, pushed a 23-year-old woman from behind and took off with her cell phone.


The weekend did not start well.

A 64-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman in the parking lot of San Francisco General Hospital at 1 p.m. on Friday were approached by two suspects, knocked to the ground and robbed of two rings and a purse, police reported.

The victims got off the SFGH shuttle on Potrero Avenue and were then followed by a suspect, said Officer Esparza.

The attacker fled and the victims went to another hospital for treatment because they feared the suspect might still be in the area.

Anson Moon, a spokesperson for the hospital, said the incident had not been reported to their security staff. He added that they had not had any incidents in the parking lot for a few months.


A 27-year-old man walking near Dolores Park at 2:28 a.m. on Monday was attacked from behind by five young men between 18 and 20 years old.

The suspects punched and kicked the victim, ripped his backpack from his shoulder and grabbed a wallet from his pocket. They fled with his backpack, which contained a laptop, and a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of cash.

Esparza said he had no information about why the victim was out so early in the morning and did not know if he was walking through the park or along the periphery.

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  1. Thanks for your work on this Lydia. I have noticed that a lot of crimes that are reported never seem to have a follow-up story — either because the police don’t provide it, or the public just loses interest. For example, what ever happened to the guy who got stabbed at Dolores park?. Also, it would help if you list all the pertinent information. For example, KTVU provides the following description: “The suspects remain outstanding and are described as Hispanic men between 35 and 40 years old who were driving a green Toyota Tundra truck, Andraychak said.” Or is it the policy of Mission Local not to include race in a description?

  2. It’s hard to believe a woman was attacked at 5pm at 18th and Lexington and no one witnessed it. There are always people out and about in that area at 5pm, whether it’s a weekend or weekday. Weird – and scary….

    1. Heidi: Yes, I agree and we’ve been trying to follow up to see what else we can find, but so far nothing worth reporting. Best, lc

  3. What the… kind of description is that: “The suspects are two men between the ages of 35 and 40”? Where they white, black, latino? Bearded, non?

    1. yeah, i didn’t see a source here, the only news story i could find was this:


      which lists the suspects as Hispanic, but nothing else to go on. it would be good to know if they were short, tall, skinny fat, haircuts, hats, masks, whatever.

      it would also be nice to have a general description of the victim. this sounds like a pretty coordinated attempt, so these guys might go after a similar victim in the future. was she white, black, hispanic, asian? skinny? chubby?

      i guess this may come off as paranoid, but it’s good to be aware of these details.

    2. What the hell is wrong with SFPD? Where are the mugshots. As someone who lives a block away from this incident I want a better description of the attackers. This is literally less than two blocks away from the Mission Police Station. I think these clowns (the cops) are more focused with stealing from criminals, abusing the laws, getting large retirement packages and bilking the system with huge overtime checks versus doing their jobs and protecting this neighborhood.
      Corrupt, inept and ineffective – I feel so safe.

  4. If your that stupid to be walking Delores Park with an undisclosed amount of cash and a laptop at that time of night when you know that there have been many attacks by young men in that area before, then you have it coming to you.

    1. Well Mark, it sounds like we need Batman to take care of this, then. SFPD is nowhere to be found, and would rather blame victims. I guess we should all live in fear instead, after all this guy had it coming, having a laptop and money in his wallet.

    2. I bet he was smart enough to know how to spell ‘Dolores’. The blame-the-victim mentality is tiring.

      1. well, the police are unable to stop these incidents occurring and the city’s unable to keep the perpetrators in jail, so i don’t know why anyone would expect to be safe in the Mission after dark. i certainly don’t.

    1. in a park that’s closed to the public at some earlier time (i cant remember when but it’s LONG before 230am) walking around in a group of 20 somethings when this is hardly the first incident involving a group of kids jumping someone in the park ?

      yes, you have to have a reason other than ‘i’m here to jump people and steal their belongings after assaulting them’. this isn’t random people walking around on the street being asked for YOUR PAPERS PLEASE.

  5. So,is it not safe to be in the Mission area anymore? If people are being snatched off the street in broad daylight, then I guess it is best not to be in that part of the City?

  6. I like the use of maps here, but why is the map turned 90 degrees from all other maps which point north up? Makes it harder to understand.

    1. JJ: Thank you for the comment. The problem is that space requires a horizontal image so we’ve turned the map. I’m still fooling around with it trying to make it more readable so if you have any suggestions send them on.
      Best, Lydia

      1. Thanks for all your work here to illustrate what happens in the neighborhood. It’s great.

        To keep the map orientations consistent, you could drop some of the smaller street names, bump up the size of names of major streets, and make the coverage larger even if there are not events happening in the rest of the area.

        Um, also, would you consider using a font a bit more sober than Comic Sans? I don’t think light and breezy (or childish) is quite what you’re going for with this blotter.

  7. so now people are being snatched off the streets before it’s even dark ? WTF ???

    why can’t the police patrol the park and do something about these groups of kids roaming around at night looking for trouble ? this has been happening repeatedly for a while now. there is NO REASON people should be in the park especially in a group like that at that time.