It’s 6 a.m., 40° and going to 50°. Just clouds and no rain, supposedly. After what happened on Friday when they said “Just clouds, no rain,” do we believe this? Details are here. You know what clouds are often full of? Rain.

First things first: We’ve got a story up today with a lot of rumors in it. Most of the people we contacted to try to get a more official version either declined to talk, or would only speak anonymously.

Since the rumor that started this story is up on the Internet already, we decided the responsible thing was to report this as fairly and honestly as possible on the basis of the information that is currently out there. If you have information to add, or feel that we got something wrong, please let us know, either by e-mailing us at or commenting on the story itself.

In the realm of also concerning music, but slightly less confusing, there are a lot of interesting music-related events today: Fito Reinoso at the Blue Macaw, both the SF Mixtape Society and raw vegan food and bands from Portland at the Make-Out Room, the last-ever Cocktailgate at the bar Truck (for those of you who like your music lip-synched). And finally: The incomparable, very loud, very bluesy Bodice Rippers are having the release party for their first CD at Amnesia.

Oh! And an interesting-looking dance performance at ODC.

And, even though reading about it will probably make you feel even colder than you already are, The Ethicurean has this really sweet essay about the early days of the Straus Dairy. Which, as we wrote this summer, is the force behind the Mission’s ice cream boom.

What? You’re cold now? If you haven’t started already, this really is risotto weather, says Chow.