The Incline Gallery can be found at the end of a narrow alley that runs alongside one of the old New College buildings (it’s essentially between Mission Bicycle Company and the Summit).

A gallery patron, as seen from above.

Think of it as an accidental Guggenheim: Delicate gouache paintings hang along the narrow, ever-inclining hallways.

According to Leah Dai Brawley, one of the artists in the show, the long, folding incline dates to when the building was a mortuary — bodies were wheeled up the back and fancied up for viewing. The viewing room itself is now Paxton Gate for Kids.

Most recently, says Christo Oropeza, the gallery’s co-director, the ramp was a message board for New College. “We filled in 4,000 staple holes,” he says. “And it was painted black.”

How long does it take to paint over a black wall with white paint?

“A long time,” says Oropeza, with the finality of a man who knows what he’s talking about.