Man Falls at City Park, Wins Settlement, Remains Broke

According to figures by the Department of Public Works, the city pays $200,000 a year on average in lawsuits stemming from broken sidewalks. Which is an increase from the $73,000 it paid in 2008.

Guillermo Chavez can’t get a break.

First he was injured in May of 2009 after falling on a broken sidewalk at the Jose Coronado playground. Now, he’s about to get a settlement from the city, but he won’t see any of that money.

Instead, out of the $30,000 the city is about to offer him, $10,000 will go to pay his delinquent hospital bill, $11,555 will go to his lawyer and legal fees and the remaining $8,445 will go toward other delinquent hospital bills unrelated to the accident, according to the resolution to be considered by the Board’s rules committee. Chavez’s suit does not specify his injuries.

The settlement is one of four the rules committee will most likely approve on Thursday for a total cost of $158,000.

The Department of Public Works released figures showing the city pays $200,000 a year on average in lawsuits stemming from broken sidewalks. This is an increase from the $73,000 it paid in 2008.

The Department of Public Works could not immediately be reached for a comment, but the SF Examiner reported that the city has a $17 million backlog in needed sidewalk repair

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  1. marco

    Guillermo Chavez should watch where he’s walking…. and pay his bills!

  2. Bill

    The Dept. of Public Works should do something about all those hidden potholes in Alamo Square park – hidden by grass. Many as large as a football. I’ve twisted my foot several times. I’ve yet to see any work done on this problem. Do these guys even show up for work??

  3. sfmissionman

    Who is Guillermo Chavez? Some sort of biographical sketch is needed here, so we readers will know what is really going on.

  4. Matie

    He is an illegal immigrant. Enough said.

  5. Drew

    I don’t care what his identity or story is. I just think he should watch where he is walking and not sue our near-bankrupt city for his complacency. Take some personal responsibility, people!

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