Arizmendi opens tomorrow!

Arizmendi will open Wednesday and today they are putting on finishing touches. No free samples this morning – at least at 8:30 a.m.

Workers are out in force at the former site of New College, across from the Summit, which was a creamery, and is now a coffee bar/dining establishment with great light.

Formerly New College on Valencia.

A place called Second Line has applied for a liquor license for the New College location.

You can see from the close up on the windows that it’s going to be beautiful.

Close up of the windows at New College.

Further south, the owner of the Udupi Palace at 1007 Valencia St.,  watches his crew put in new windows.  No one broke the old windows, they’re just sprucing up.

New windows.

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor at Berkeley’s J-school since 1990. My earlier career was at The New York Times working for the business, foreign and city desks. As an old...

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    1. Brian: It may have been at one time. The sequence I know is that at one time it was Daniel Creamery, and then New College. But it could very well have been an auto shop between those two lives. Best, Lydia

  1. I’m with Lydia. It was Daniel Creamery before it was part of New College. Daniel Creamery had an excellent selection of cheeses. For the last year or two of its life, there was a coffee shop with about four tables inside of the creamery

    1. Dolores: Yes, we have heard that too and we’re trying to check it out more fully. The owners have been in talks around doing exactly that, but nothing is completely settled as far as we know. Best, Lydia

  2. i agree with lydia and dolores on the daniel’s creamery thing. the car parts may have been next to it, plenty of auto shops on valencia in the 80s.

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