Mission Bike Portraits

Mission Bike Portraits is an ongoing series featuring bike owners who share what their bikes mean to them.

Check out the first portraits here.

Noah Guy, 35

“I use it way too much, sometimes you want to wear a suit and it doesn’t look so good biking with it.”

Claudia P.

“Biking is a way of life and a philosophy.”

Charlotte Herzig, 26

“Bikes are cheaper, faster and more beautiful.”

Richard, 30

“I haven’t had an accident for a long time, now that we have bike lanes.”

Johnni Fellman, 44

“I bike for transportation. I have never gotten into an accident, luckily. ”

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  1. I like these portraits. will this be an ongoing series? i think that would be interesting.

  2. hp

    The Mission is still a pretty diverse neighborhood – economically, racially, in terms of language, everything. So why are all the “bike portraits” of white people with stylish clothes and fancy bikes?

  3. Jessica Lum Post author

    Russel – Thanks, yes, this will be ongoing.
    hp – Point taken, we did our last portrait session in front of Four Barrel coffee, if that answers your question. We’ll be trekking to other corners of the Mission in the future.

  4. Schlub

    I’m glad to see a 44 year-old represented. My age, and I do bike.

    What doesn’t add up in the hip bike philosophy is age. It isn’t so easy to bike in this city at a certain age point, for obvious reasons. It would be nice to see this series cross section age.

  5. westernshortty

    i think rather than bike “owners”, we should be referred to as “companions” or “guardians” of our bicycles.

  6. bs

    How about giving details about the bikes? Would love to learn more about the history and specs of these bikes. Thanks for the interesting post.

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