What does your bike mean to you?

Jessica Lum

An admitted technophile, Jessica Lum navigates the Mission with Google Maps, but has only really come to know the neighborhood by wandering on foot, looking at murals, and occasionally watching the guy...

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  1. Can you make this a continuing series? I’d like so kindly suggest that you add families, more people 35+ older, people with different body types, etc. Most people can bike!

  2. Maureen, certainly! There’s much more to come. If you have any suggestions as to where to find cyclists, please share!

  3. It would be great to see other types represented – not just young ‘hipsters’ wearing skinnies.
    Hang out at any corner on Harrison between Duboce and 21st at commute times and you will see a panoply of riders. It’s a bit less hipster ridden than Valencia 🙂

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