The story on hipster gentrification collected 25 comments, many really interesting, on the subject of change.

The staff’s favorite came from Alfred Landrum:

I’m a white guy who bought a place around 24th & mission. I don’t think anyone would consider me a hipster – I have no porn stache, and I couldn’t tell you what bands the kids are listening too – but I am in my early 30’s. So if you squint right, and by ‘hipster’ people really think ‘white dude’ … well, I’m sure someone would label me one.

Here’s some of what I bring to the neighborhood:

– I go to cafe la boheme – for snacks, breakfast, and world cup matches
– I eat dinner at George’s bbq
– I buy booze at Latino’s Liquor (say hi to VJ!)
– I get groceries at Delano’s
– I buy home needs from Cole’s on mission
– I go to shows at mission dance

And yes, I do go to Philz, and even Rosamunde occasionally, and I’m struck by the concentration of whites in those places. both of which I consider expensive, but within my means.

I want to commission a mural on my back alley fence. Partly to ward off the taggers (fingers crossed), but also because its a cool aspect of the neighborhood that I want to participate in.

As I see it, I bring a lot of hyperlocal dollars into the mission, and to the businesses that are there, thankyouverymuch.

Hey Molly H – what would you suggest be done? How would the city stop the gentrification process? Rent control? Purchase control on new condo’s? I’m seriously curious.

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