Sunny with a high of 70 degrees.

Spring BBQs
It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Fittingly enough, Mission Street Food’s theme for tonight is a “refined BBQ” – where the brisket has chili jam and pickled jalapeño, and the corn bread comes with rosemary creme fraiche and candied rhubarb.

SF Foodie, meanwhile, has details on 18 Reasons’ move to a larger space on 18th Street.

Photo Edition
If you’re familiar with our school schedule at all, you’ll know that graduation is right around the corner. About that time, I’m going to be about as happy as this guy that photographer Brad Evans snapped on Mission Street.

And then there’s the quote:
Procrastination gets you nowhere when there are so many interesting people to meet…

Looking Bernal-ward, Burrito Justice has some awesome shots of the full moon rising over a hill, which rises above our little ‘hood.

Don’t They Look Cute?
Mission Mission has three lovely wannabe-your-pets up for adoption by the SPCA. Sure, the chihuahua’s cute, but who wouldn’t want a pair of cats named Blue Steel and Le Tigre?