Lance Williams at the Center for Investigative Reporting writes about a new study released from the Public Policy Institute that shows undocumented paying their taxes. “In the year before acquiring legal status, 87 percent of those who had crossed the border illegally and 91 percent of those who had overstayed their visas filed federal returns,” Williams wrote quoting from the report.

Earlier this year, Noah Buhayar, wrote about Mission District immigrants filing their taxes.

Earlier Today

Bike Sting Nets 51-year-old

SF Weekly’s Snitch reports saga of police bike stings here.

A Million Little Fishes

The San Francisco Chronicle writes about the artist’s co-op here. Walk by at 2829 Bryant, you hardly notice it, but lots is happening inside.

Earlier Today By Mark Rabine

In the Mission Today

6 A.M. 48° and sunny (unless you have the misfortune to be in Palo Alto).

Not only is today International Beaver Day, but also National No Housework Day (don’t panic, your Salvadoran domestics are exempt). If that doesn’t get you out of bed, it’s free day at the Exploratorium and the Zoo. Later on, head over to Dog Eared Books for Lessons in Adventureneering at 8, starring Abe Lincoln in Top Hat and Jet Pack. Listed by FunCheapSF as a “Geek Event”, you know it’s got to be free!

My Lai XLII– The Baghdad Edition

Brave reporting by soldiers in Vietnam broke the story of the My Lai massacre 42 years ago and exposed a horror not previously witnessed by Americans at home. Now “Collateral Murder” a video that purports to show American troops killing innocent Iraqis, from a helicopter. The authenticity of the video has been confirmed by a senior American military official. Although the images don’t approach HD standards, the voices come through loud and clear. Journalism students and photographers beware: the Reuters journalist, and his driver, were carrying cameras and camera gear that the killers identified as weapons — the proximate cause (or pretext) for the shooting.

A Symbolic Squat

On Sunday, during our epochal rains, Homes Not Jails braved the elements take over a vacant house at 500 San Jose. It was a peaceful and highly symbolic act; not a full fledged squat, but the promise of squatting to come. The owner claimed she used the property. Police watched. Kreuzberg, West Berlin in the 1980’s it was not. However the absurdity of fighting to open up vacant housing for the homeless while Le Maire M. Getty and M. Gascon plot to criminalize the sidewalks was not washed away.

City on the Brink of Disaster

Take a trip down Market Street at the turn of the last century. A film now on You Tube has attracted over 1,250,000 views. Originally thought to have been produced in 1905, further research by David Kiehn of the Essenay Silent Film Museum suggests the film was made in 1906, four days before the Big One destroyed much of what you’re looking at. Rick Laubscher at Market Street Railway provides background and an earlier clip from the film showing more context.

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