Having Trouble Understanding Art?

Try Art Practical

Art Practical, a web site devoted to reviewing shows, is around to help you.  If you’ve wondered, for example, about the show at Southern Exposure, read Zachary Royer Scholz’s review of the group show Alchemy.

Earlier Today by Mark Rabine
In the Mission Today

6 A.M. A stinging 50° with the promise of more rain in the future, like showers this afternoon turning to rain by the evening. A lugubrious Good Friday.

With National Hate Week beginning on Monday, this weekend has been declared Alcohol Optional. Possibly that’s because today is Hospital Admitting Clerk’s Day. And what’s that? Yes, it’s Good Friday, and that means . . . ? Hunky Jesus returns this Sunday!

Tonight, the first ever traditional arts salon at the Red Poppy Art House featuring local artists talking about and sharing their art. FREE. Also more Mission Muralismo at the De Young and loads of gallery openings in the Mission.

Welcome to Atenco

Today’s installment of bikers v. cops takes us to Valencia and 17th, outside the home of the Mission’s finest boyz ‘n blue, where a mom, trailed by husband and son, pedals too close to the gutter edge of the gated Global Village. She survived. Will you?

Ripped Off by Orange County?

How sick is this? A million dollars meant to make low-income homes safer and in some instances bring them up to code, was embezzelled (allegedly) by some shyster firm in Sleazy Con Valley. It turns out the Mayor’s Office of Housing has been working with the same outfit for a decade and never knew it was getting blind-sided until someone from Pomona blew the whistle. Pomona! Has it come to this? Has the City finally hit bottom? Stay tuned. Or not.

Get on Your Butt and Do Something

Standing Up to Sit-Lie has gone viral. This morning’s photo by Beth Byrne comes from last weekend’s successful opening to the campaign against Pretty Boy Gavin’s farewell gift to the City. Power to the People!

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