La Corazon
Julie Michelle of CALIBER finds la corazon de la Mission but enigmatically doesn’t remember where it’s taken. I feel like I’ve seen this one myself, but can’t remember where it is either. Anyone know?

(Special note to Julie: I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your show at Secession Art & Design tonight! I will check it out though.)

Note to readers: Check out Julie’s show up now at at Secession Art & Design. It’s gonna be good.

If the Mission’s the Heart…
Then the streets are the arteries and Muni buses the blood of the city. Check out this awesome map of NextBus data on Burrito Justice, by Eric Fisher.

The Jetset Chef
It’s Saturday, and you know that means Mission Street Food. Tonight’s guest chef is Alex Marsh serving “California comfort food.” The menu includes beef cheek and sous vide baby back ribs. Yum.

And while we’re on food, how about some falafel love? Brilliant.

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