Elvira The City Chicken

A new Mission resident.

Meet the new Mission resident Elvira, an abandoned chicken who was found wandering around downtown San Francisco. Like some 100 chickens every year, she ended up in Animal Care and Control on 15th Street. Later she was adopted by a Mission resident.

You can continue to follow Elvira’s life through her owners’ chicken blog.

Animal Care and Control

1200 15th Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

Tel (415) 554 6364

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  1. Scott McElhiney

    As a former pet chicken owner, I thank you… just calmed my day down a bit just seeing this nice little video. I miss my chickens, unfortunately the local wildlife (hawks and wild dogs)thought they were tasty.

  2. Where did they get thier chicken coop?

  3. Hilarious. Thank you!

  4. j

    The cat looks bewildered and confused.

  5. MahaVira

    This is so sweet!!! Thank U and bless those people with love and tender heart to other creatures.

  6. KVR

    WOW.. I didn’t know chickens could look so pretty. Your Cat needs a therapist. He is struggling with his Chase, trip, kill instinct.

  7. Poussie

    Nice video! Pretty Chicken that Elvira! Sweet lookin’ pussycat that Eric! Yup, quality folks who give homes to lesser creatures!…

  8. Kaaren

    Love this video! I have 5 chickens that roam my yard when I am home. They always let me know by squawking that the neighborhood roaming cat has arrived. I run out and he just wants me to pet him and just likes to watch the girls. Actually, I think he is a bit afraid of them. Of course, I keep watch never quite trusting him. But, I make sure he gets his pats and scratches. Animals are such a treat.

  9. Seireeni

    Onko tämä nyt NEGATIVE tämä valkoinen tipu???

  10. brother

    Eric is a rock star

  11. Speaking of chicken, I wrote a news sonnet that used this topic. I posted it here and they deleted it. Some Mission Local right? So local they delete local poets who write verse they find objectionable. Really local, because San Francisco has always hated poetry, right?

    Your actions defy your name and brand.

    • Lydia Chavez Staff

      Khakjaan: We didn’t delete any sonnets and welcome them. If there was any inappropriate-at least for a news’ site — language, then it would not have appeared. Best, Lydia

  12. I posted this on toylit.blogspot.com first because I don’t want you to delete this one too and then pretend you never received it:

    “Posted April 18, 2010 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    Khakjaan: We didn’t delete any sonnets and welcome them. If there was any inappropriate-at least for a news’ site — language, then it would not have appeared. Best, Lydia”

    This is absolutely not true. Must I make a habit of screen-printing every website I visit, before I post a comment? I don’t care if it was auto-deleted either–who lets a program make speech decisions anyhow? Especially when the speech targets… well you know, readers–as opposed to robots.

    ps: I had to edit links out of here, so I guess I was right to conjecture that your comment-software auto-deletes certain traits in posts. That’s still your fault for aforementioned reasons.

  13. Greg Crow

    Hello, Donna:

    I would have expected nothing less of you than to adopt and care for this rather odd lost soul. She’s unusual but I do think she will adapt to life with you. This story made me smile inside and out.


    Greg (Ted’s brother)

  14. Sylvia

    The coop was purchased online, through ebay. Here’s a link to a current listing for the the same coop, same seller, but I do notice that it has gone up $70 since Donna purchased hers the first week of March ’10.


    Note it is very heavy and comes in two big boxes. This just fit, boxed, in the back of my Subaru Outback.

  15. Brian

    wow even more mayhem in the zoo next door! 🙂 zayna would have been terrified by the chicken. then again, zayna kind of acts likes a chicken but looks like a miniature lamb, so she would have fit right in with the zoo. donna, in case you haven’t figured this out it’s brian your former neighbor. nice work on the chicken!!

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