That’s how much San Franciscans have paid for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001.  What if that money had gone to public services?  For more on where your money goes, click here.

Earlier Today

6 A.M. 48°clear and warmer than yesterday.

Golden Anniversary

Today the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee celebrates its 50th anniversary. Early SNCC stalwart and long time Mission activist, Elizabeth Martinez will be attending with Mission schoolkids.

The Price of Sex

A haunting photographic exhibition documenting the sex trade from Eastern Europe to the Middle East by Missionloc@l’s own Mimi Chakarova opens this evening at 50 Crows Gallery.

Props for Enterprising Mission Merchant

Have doubts about the future of the U.S. economy? Look no further than the Old Armory. Recently it’s owner, CEO Peter Acworth was invited to participate in a forum sponsored by The Economist magazine and the B School at Berkeley, “Innovation: Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy.”