Food Cart Hearing in Summary: Mostly platitudes. Very little wonkery. Dufty promises to deliver new legislation in two months.

  1. Paula Tejeda of Chile Lindo: Street food is not new to the Mission. What is new is that white collar professionals are doing it.
  2. Gossip! Liba Truck decided not to seek permit in SF after told by permit office that falafal qualified as “similar food” to liquid beverage
  3. El Hurache Loco held up as shimmering example of illegal food vendor gone legit. Suddenly hungry.
  4. What a tangle: SFDPH permits for private land, DPW permits for public, Rec & Park permits for what you would expect.
  5. Word to food carts: Richard Lee of the SFDPH has just announced that he “knows you’re out there.”

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