Formed in 2005, Rapid Transit is a unique mix of men and women with a diverse range of backgrounds and interests that reflect the spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene.

Unlike other local a cappella groups, we are not limited to one musical genre. We are not jazz, we are not barbershop, we are not R&B, but we draw from those traditions and create our own sound. We hate sappy, syrupy, schmaltzy a cappella music as much as you do. Probably more.

We strive to be cutting edge. We strive to represent the bohemian culture of the local music scene, spanning all over the Bay Area with our sounds and beats.

Rapid Transit is: Caitlin Fischer, Colm Davis, Anthony Galang, Emilie Rohrbach, Syreeta Mussante, Tree Dennis, Jonathan Leavey, Jenn Exley, Elana Segal, Ed Piou, Danny Olefsky, and Yumi Aikawa.,

Hookslide is a high energy mix of mind blowing vocal beatbox percussion, booming bass and screaming four-part harmony that is guaranteed to knock you out. No instruments? No Problem! Based in San Francisco, this award-winning vocal group has traveled throughout the nation and is currently riding thesuccess of their recently released studio project “Original Spin.” Hookslide claims to sing five parts with only four members. How do they do it? Come to the show to find out!

Advance tickets $12 online. Tickets $15 at the door. Students/Seniors $12 at door.

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