John Seastrunk profile, professional sign painter, made an appearance in Mission Local in February 2010

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Bridget Huber

Bridget writes about community groups, non-profits and collectives for Mission Loc@l.

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  1. this guy is awesome!
    “you are professional, so I’ve worn a tie in the last 20 years to look professional”
    his attitude and work have brought a smile to my face. i hope to meet him soon, the community needs more happy optimist people like him around painting hearts to our daily lives, both figuratively and literally 😀

    cheers and thanks for sharing this!

  2. Just the other day I was admiring the artistry of the Valentine’s Day greeting on the window of St. Francis. So it was a happy moment stumbling across this video.

  3. what a great story. i love these pieces of people just living everyday life with honor and dignity. making people smile. great job mission local! you guys do great local journalism.

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