Today’s a day that separates the thinkers from the doers, the boyfriend from the booty-call, the truly unconcerned from those who only feign at playing cool.

To kick things off, if you still need a Valentine’s Day, then Rio Yañez has your back. He’s got a whole collection of way better than someecards valentines, and if this year’s set doesn’t suit you, there’s a whole bunch more here.

If you need a cheap date today, cupcakes and pink champagne could work, or if you feel inspired to leave the Mission, how about an old-fashioned pillow fight on the Embarcadero?

Free Show Tickets, Compliments of MM

Allan Hough wants to give you tickets to the best show of the decade. Starring !!!, Sugar & Gold and My First Earthquake, just submit a story about deceased !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs and tickets could be yours.

You Don’t Tag on Jesus
The Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist thinks they’ve managed to beat the taggers – a 150-foot mural they put up two months ago (which is a lifetime in tagger years) has remained tag free. In the words of Plasma, the artist, painting murals are “proof that graffiti is an art and a subculture focused around art and creativity as opposed to vandalism. Otherwise they would just destroy complex artworks at will.”

Then why didn’t this work for Mr. Burbujas!?

And to you, faithful readers, I leave you with this. Blue Demon says "Please Holla Back"

Seriously, who leaves a luchador hangin’?