Good post in SF. Streetsblog about immigrants on bikes who are getting overlooked. Also info on CARECEN putting out a Spanish-language guide on bicycling.

SF.Eater, tells us that John Darksy is leaving the Flour + Water success to open his own pizza place.  Oh please can’t we have something different? What about a real focaccia place–one where we can drop by and pick up a tranche for the evening?

Here’s a blog that went chasing after the perfect slice in Rome.   SF.Eater also reports that, oops,  Anthony’s Cookies also shut down for failing to have its permits in order.

More importantly, SF Weekly’s Lauren Smiley writes a smart piece on truants following two from John O’Connell to a nearby doorstep.  And also from SF Weekly, Jonathan Kauffman reviews Oye! Managua at 3385 Mission @ 30th St.

Funny, found this on the blogs about someone moving their design studio to the Mission.  We almost moved to this spot on 21st east of Mission, but Benny Gold will be taking it over.  Great space. We look forward to seeing what you do with the storefront. Skateboards?

Lots of news on ML today playing catch up with uptownalmanac on the Dolores Park story. Closing the park seems so far in the future as to be unreal.  Anyway, stay tuned for updates.

And finally, seems Judge John Munters agrees with the city.  City Apartments, he said, is playing too many games. Not at Brava Theater where it’s all about the economy and job warfare.

Enjoy the day, lc