Okay, this tops the food news and missionmission had it first–taking a quesadilla from El Farolito all the way to New York?  This reminds me of the time someone took a mole burrito from Papalote to the mid-West.

SF.Eater reports that the Health Department shut Mission Minis for failing to get its permits in order– more proof that while you can have a cart without permits, moving indoors becomes more difficult.

Looking into the future, CrossCurrents has this  audio head’s up on Karen Segal at the Savanna Jazz Club on Saturday night.

And more on music from the U.K. interview with Mission rez, singer, song writer singer-songwriter Sean Rawls.

Walking up Valencia, I noticed new poles going up and thought they might be the start of Michael Arcega‘s public art project, but Arcega says he’s just signed the contract and it’s a go, but they’re not up yet.

The poles look like this and there will be four.