Walking around the neighborhood on Saturday, it was amazing to see the number of things going on. From Southern Exposure’s public art project to tamale eating to the Mission Arts & Performance Project and holiday bazaars in every nook including the Make-Out Room.

On the street: a young couple trying to get their Christmas tree up the outside stairwell–bottom first and then top first, the smell of bread baking coming from Pan Lido, and the mural around the corner from the entrance of Philz Coffee, which I’m sure I’ve seen a million times, but made me stop on Saturday.  philzmural

peesmallAnd then this sign on 22nd Street, which seemed to me like the Mission: wry, urban, kind.

In other news, Mission Mission caught up with Leo’s, but I’ll have to let Armand try that one. And I’m late on this, but not too  late to catch the bike coalition’s Sunday ‘s (today!) Winterfest that SFStreetsblog gives details on.

Sorry to say that this is the final installment of Love in the Middle Ages, by Sandra Salmans. But if you haven’t yet read our Sunday Mission Fiction, you can settle in for a good and LOL read.

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Enjoy the neighborhood, lc