1:15 The Board of Supervisors will vote to override the Mayors veto on the Sanctuary City amendment. Also on the agenda the board will cast a final vote in granting the entertainment commission greater oversight in revoking licenses to troubled nightclubs and permit hours extensions. The prohibition of the declawing of cats will also be voted on.  The department of public health jobs that were cut last year is also on the table.

1:53 Chris Daly got a haircut. Almost buzzed.Buzz would be an overstatement. It looks shorter though.

1:56 the main chamber is full. Most of them have stickers that signal they are in support of Supervisor David Campos proposal. It looks like Supervisor David Campos also got a haircut, or very well groomed.

2:10 Maxwell and Alioto-Pier make a late appearance.

2:07 meeting has yet to begin.

2:08 scores of media in the room.

2:10 Daly ask for the meeting to begin, “it is past 2:00 p.m.” could it be saying that because Michela-Alioto-Pier is not here.

2:21 the board overrides the mayoral veto on Sanctuary City.

The entertainment commission will be able to revoke licenses from troubled nightclubs after the board passed the ordinance amendment to the police code.

The item was passed unanimously and will now go to the mayor’s desk where he is expected to approve it.

The board also voted granted the commission power to give licenses to nightclub’s to stay open past 2:00 p.m.

This was highly contested by community members who say that more crimes occur when clubs are open past this time. Full story here. http://missionlocal.org/2009/10/committee-votes-to-empower-entertainment-commission/

San Francisco is the first city in the country prohibiting the declawing of cats. The board voted for the second time and passed the ordinance unanimously.

3:28 Supervisor Sean Elsnberg and Daly have argument about appropriating $7,057,11 to restore positions for the department of public health FY 2009-10.

3:30 Supervisor Chris Daly comes in and tells Elsnberg “I won!” Elsnberg responds, “I won!”

3:31 the item vote. 7-4. it did not pass because it requires eight votes. The item is sent back to the committee instead.