The Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting in regards to allocating some $8 million to restore clerical positions in the Department of Public Health.

Last week the Board voted 7-4 in allocating that money. However, there needed to be eight votes. The City Controller office revealed yesterday that the city has no more money.

2:17 meeting has not begun yet. A lot of side conversations going on, anything from the appointee to the entertainment commission to the allocation of funds.

2:20 2:00 special order for the mayor to appear. The mayor will not be attending the meeting.

2:22 Discussion on item 21 pertaining to I request the support of these resolution that urges the U.S. navy to reinstate the Hunters Point Shipyard Restoration Advisory Board of the Hunters Point Shipyard. Maxwell speaks about it now.

2:28 Meanwhile the union representing the Department of Public Health clerical employees congregates on the hallway.

2:30 The motion to ammendment the lenguage of the resolution fails regarding the change of lenguage fails, 7-4

2:32 motion to ammend the ordinance by maxwell passes.

2:36 the resolution is adopted 9-2.

2:38 items 24 and 25 pass unanimously.

2: 40 James hammer appointed to the police comission.

2:43 Supervisor Sean Elsnberg’s father passed away. The meeting is dedicated to him, Supervisors Mirkarimi speaks about Elsnberg’s father.

2:45 Supervisor Avalos introduces a legislation, “expressing concern” to state cuts of in-home-support-services.

Supervisor Mar memoriam Richmond District resident Andrea Lewis host of the morning public affairs program at KPFA. She passed away of a heart attack this weekend.

2:51 Maxwell continues discussion about Supervisor Elsnberg’s funeral services.

2:53 Dufty talks about the funeral services of Supervisors Elsnberg’s funeral services.

2: 55 Sean Elsnberg seems somewhat unmoved about the public comments regarding his fathers.

2:56 the special meeting enacted. The items on roll call would allocate some $8 million to reinstate the position. The discussion will continue on a special rules committe so the Board will not vote on the items today.

3: 00 A member in public comment speaks about beggining a recall campaign of Sup. Maxwell. Loud claps heard.

3:03 A lot of antogonistic feelings against the supervisors during public comment. Several members speaking about recalling the Supervisors.

3:07  People continue to speak against Sophie Maxwell.

3:10 The supervisors are surprisingly attentive to public comment. Maybe it was all that discussion about recalling Sup. Maxwell.

3:14 an SFPD officer now inside the main chamber. Public comment continues.