UPDATE: 6:49 Rigo Hernandez spotted Chronicle staff writer Jaxon Van Derbeken visits the Mission.  Jaxon was wearing a bullet proof vest while doing a walk along with  SFPD.

UPDATE: 3:37 Sonia Sotomayor positioned to  become the first Hispanic on the U.S Supreme court was questioned today  by Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. During the hearing Sotomayor clarified a comment she made in multiple speeches stating , “a wise Latina might reach a better legal decision than a white man.” You go girl!   See video below.

For Safari users, here’s the link to our feature photo on taqueria troubles.

The SF Examiner reports that a 17-year-old was shot standing in the doorway of Bob’s Liquor at 26th & Harrison. We’ll follow up today.

Boy, things are slow today–Burrito Justice fixating on shitty kitty mess. Here’s some window weirdness from Viola. windowcros

Moving on, you are all  invited  to a Mission Loc@l meet up on Wednesday @ 6 p.m. at Shotwell’s on 20th Street@Shotwells.  Too bad they don’t serve Lillet, but the beer menu is apparently rich.  See you there.

Also, thank you again to all who have supported our spot.us project on vacancies.  Most recently, Megan Casey,  Leef Smith,  Tristan Harris have offered donations of time or money. We’re finishing the collection of data and will have something interesting by the end of the summer.

We only have $452 to go to raise the entire amount.  And a special thanks to Dave Cohn, who has been incredible in offering to raise money for all of us involved in the hyperlocal experiment of covering our communities.