UPDATE @ 12:24 New feature on Mission Street entrepreneurs and here’s the link for Safari users.

Catch the photo essay by Armand Emamdjomeh and Plug1 at What I’m Seeing.

Ran into them on Mission St.

Lots of Sunday parties. A mural party attended by missionmission. Icecream, poetry and then an odd assembly at Chicken Johns of all those who have birthdays this month.

I had not seen Natalie who sells pies, but the party was fed by Natalie,  Murat’s Amuse Bouche Cart and the Creme Brulee Cart.

Natalie's pie's on in a bike basket.

Natalie's pie's on in a bike basket.

Oh, one note on the birthday party for Pablo Neruda at Red Poppy–beautiful reading by Adrian Arias, a Peruvian poet. I left at half-time to go on to the next fête, but Mark stayed and said Jonathan Siegel gave the most beautiful reading of an Ode to Things.

O irrevocable
of things:
no one can say
that I loved

But, enough partying. The Board of Supervisors will take on rules at 9 a.m. this morning including a 52 hour week for officers and firemen.
Later in the day at the Centro del Pueblo, 474 Valencia, progressives will talk about the upcoming district elections and north on Valencia at Modern Times, Randy Shaw will present his new book on Cesar Chavez. But for more details on all of these happenings, go to San Francisco FYI.

Check back for updates.