There is so much to do this week-end. So exiting!

This evening there’s visual poetry going on at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and a play by the wonderful Federico García Lorca who died so young in the Spanish Civil War.

Reserve your Saturday for your girlfriend/boyfriend to go Numero 1, to the Bicycle Music Festival.

It’s a fun concept: “The entire audience/band/stage/crew completely packs-up everything they bring (stage and musical equipment too) onto bicycles, and travels as a large group to the next festival stop. There are no sag-wagons or equipment trucks hauling the amplifiers and other heavy gear – everything is hauled by bicycle.” Wow! It’s starts at 9.30 am in the Golden Park, but the crowd will get to Dolores Park near 2.45 and will stay there until 7.40 for an amazing lineup of a local  musicians: Manicato, Dean Hayes, La Colectiva and Oona Garthwaite.

After biking and dancing all day long you’ll probably be exhausted, so, Numero 2, just hang out in the Park cause at 9 the Film Night in the Park 2009 opens with a screening of the 1964 James Bond classic, Goldfinger. And guess what?  You won’t spend a buck, all these events are free.

Next day, time for some more party but with Dad this time.  This is Mission Loc@l’s second reminder, so if you forget, you can’t blame it on us. So as the SF Examiner says “Give dad a day to remember” by bringing them to the Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Center. “This might be the time to embark on a new hobby together.”

And since you’re broke as a joke, why don t you go to El Tonayense Taco Truck, for lunch … and for free! To promote its new film (500) Days of Summer, Fox Searchlight pictures arranged with street vendors in cities across the country to hand out free food to the first 500 people to arrive. And for SF, they chose our neighborhood taco truck!  But don’t ask us what the film and the free food have in common. Perplexing.   Oh maybe … to spread happiness!

The SF Examiner also published Episode 2 of the preliminary hearing for Edwin Ramos, an alleged gang member charged with three counts of murder. This morning, in San Francisco Superior Court with testimony from Marvin Medina,  injured in a separate shooting that occurred hours earlier in the Mission District. “The prosecution is attempting to build the case that the killings were retaliation for a shooting earlier that day that injured Marvin Medina, and that Ramos mistook the Bologna family for rival gang members,”  the Examiner reported. Mission Loc@l will keep you posted thanks to Bay City News and the Examiner.