Today SF Appeal in it’s Cheap Happy series praises dive bar Mission Hill Saloon, which allows author Ramona Emerson, to check it off her “things I want to do before I die” list. Good for her. But, in case she has also put pizza on that list, we suggest she waits before going to heaven, because the blog said a new pizza restaurant called Pi Place was going to open “at 1432 Valencia—also known as the space where Suriya Thai used to be.”

And talking about death, SF Eater put out a link to  “all the unlicensed street vendors and makeshift lemonade stands of the city—especially those of you who have been busted lately—there’s always the option of following in the footsteps of your creative New York City brethren: you could steal the operating licenses of dead vendors.” Mmmm. There seems to be a plague: Be aware when you ride your bike in the neighborhood, as Mission Mission picked up a twit from Donald Tetto saying a “Biker being loaded into an ambulance near 20th and Valencia.”

Just be careful, ok?

Maybe stay home and read about  the budget.  On Tuesday the legislature saved in-home services to seniors and the California Budget Project could keep you safe for hours reading about how we ended up deep in the red.

If you need a break from all of that, show up Sunday at the Brava and watch a play developed and work-shopped in a day.

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