The students in Lilly Chow’s 5th grade class at Mission Education Center are celebrating their first Thanksgiving today.

Last week, during class, the children, many of whom are recent arrivals and still learning English, shared their thoughts on what this new holiday means to them and what they’re grateful for.

View what the children had to say.

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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  1. aww, good stuff! i went to this school way back in the 90’s. I remember winning a turkey on thanksgiving day :] . I put it on my backpack on my way home ha ha.

  2. O my god! i went to this school! nad i was in miss lilly’s class…. i dont know if she stills remembers me…lol this the best school in SanFrancisco.!!!

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