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Hundreds of Students March from SF Mission to Protest Mario Woods Killing

About 200 students, teachers and supporters marched from the 16th Street BART Plaza to City Hall Friday afternoon to protest the police killing of 26-year-old Mario Woods on December 2. Some came with their teachers after organizing...
Elvira Zayas on the day she was released from jail, with her mother Elvira Zayas. Photo by Jean Melesaine.

With Gang Charges Dropped, Elvira Zayas Case Spotlights the Controversy Over ‘Safety Zones’

Elvira Zayas, a 19-year-old Mission poet and youth advocate, has endured months of legal battles, jail time and thousands of dollars in legal fees defending herself against alleged gang-related felony assault charges, later reduced  to...

Giving Thanks: Streetside Stories Helps Students Share Experiences

Tech Tales, a program of Mission District non-profit Streetside Stories, helps students tell the true stories of their lives through art, and improves literacy skills in the process. The organization is tailored to middle schoolers who...