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Cristina at her home in San Leandro contemplates her return back to Mexico. Photo by Sean Havey.

An Immigrant Woman’s Nightmare Journey Into Post-Traumatic Stress

Cristina often found herself wandering the streets of the Mission District for hours, without direction, contemplating suicide. “I just wanted to be alone,” she said — so much so that when she saw her son...

Mission District Major Focus of 2010 Census

City and federal officials will focus their count on the traditionally under-counted Mission District. En Español
joseph and mary

Mary and Joseph, as Illegal Immigrants

La Posarela, a musical play, deals with homelessness, undocumented immigration through the biblical journey of Mary and Joseph. The play starts at 7 p.m. Dec. 11 and Dec. 12 at the Community Music Center in...
Photo by Tom Ellenberger via Wikimedia

DNA Profiling: You May Be Next

The ACLU claims California DNA collection law violates civil rights.
Halloween Costume Shopping

Illegal Alien Halloween Costume Creates Uproar & Target Pulls It

The costume’s description reads, “He didn’t just cross the border, he crossed a galaxy!”
The Mission Neighborhood Health Center doesn't ask about patients' immigration status. (Bryan Gibel)

Obama, SF Disagree on Health Care Reform

National health care will exclude undocumented immigrants, Obama says. Health officials here care for all, saying public health threats don't know borders.
Courtesy of Rini Templeton

Legal Experts Say Supe’s Sanctuary Proposal Legit

Campos and mayor square off over policy on undocumented juveniles.