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Cristina at her home in San Leandro contemplates her return back to Mexico. Photo by Sean Havey.

An Immigrant Woman’s Nightmare Journey Into Post-Traumatic Stress

Cristina often found herself wandering the streets of the Mission District for hours, without direction, contemplating suicide. “I just wanted to be alone,” she said — so much so that when she saw her son...
joseph and mary

Mary and Joseph, as Illegal Immigrants

La Posarela, a musical play, deals with homelessness, undocumented immigration through the biblical journey of Mary and Joseph. The play starts at 7 p.m. Dec. 11 and Dec. 12 at the Community Music Center in...
Photo by Tom Ellenberger via Wikimedia

DNA Profiling: You May Be Next

The ACLU claims California DNA collection law violates civil rights.
Halloween Costume Shopping

Illegal Alien Halloween Costume Creates Uproar & Target Pulls It

The costume’s description reads, “He didn’t just cross the border, he crossed a galaxy!”
Courtesy of Rini Templeton

Legal Experts Say Supe’s Sanctuary Proposal Legit

Campos and mayor square off over policy on undocumented juveniles.