On the left, Mary Swope, photographer in a portrait by Photobooth co-owner Vince Donovan. On the right, one of Swope's works from her show, "I Can't Hold It Anymore:" Polaroid Interpretations of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld in 102 Polaroids

Mary Swope has a binder full of Polaroids of scenes from the TV show "Seinfeld" on her lap. She starts to laugh. "See, here, Elaine has had too many muscle relaxers and is being introduced to a woman named Stella. So of course, she takes off..." and out of Mary's mouth comes a low, guttural … Continue reading

May Day Live

In more than 140 countries, May 1 is celebrated as a workers' holiday. May Day commonly sees organized street demonstrations and celebrations by hundreds of thousands of working people throughout the world. In the United States May Day has become a day to mobilize undocumented workers for … Continue reading