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Seinfeld en 102 Polaroids

Mary Swope tiene una carpeta en sus piernas llena de Polaroids con imágenes del programa de televisión “Seinfeld”. Swope se ríe. “Mire aquí, Elaine ha tomado muchos relajadores musculares y le están presentando a una...
On the left, Mary Swope, photographer in a portrait by Photobooth co-owner Vince Donovan. On the right, one of Swope's works from her show, "I Can't Hold It Anymore:" Polaroid Interpretations of Seinfeld.

Seinfeld in 102 Polaroids

In collaboration with Vince Donovan, co-owner of Photobooth, a photo gallery, store and studio on Valencia Street, Mary Swope whittled the collection down to 102 photos that will cover the gallery's walls this Saturday night...