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Immortal Jellyfish!

Jellyfish and the Secret of Immortality

*+-If the name Turritopsis nutricula doesn’t roll off your tongue, try remembering “immortal jellyfish,” the nickname of this species of long-lived critters that are migrating from the sea to the science lab. Originally the immortal...
Sirron Norris Studio & Gallery Opening on Saturday, Feb. 6

What’s Coming Up for Mission Kids and Families 2.5 – 2.7

*+-Love potion, kid power, cartoon literalism and more!
The conference took place at UCSF's new Mission Bay campus.

CEOs and Profs Debate Whether Technology Can Cut Health Care Costs

*+-Hundreds convened at Mission Bay to watch the show.
Milo Robinson Karson

11.4 – 11.10

*+-Native American heritage, Vulcanistas, free bagels, and more.