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‘Nightcap’ Debuts at ODC Theater

“SAN FRANCISCO, November 1, 2012 – For the 61st cycle of its Pilot Program, ODC School and ODC Theater presents ‘Nightcap,’ a sampling of new dances and an evening of good cheer. A cornerstone of ODC’s programming...
photo taken by Lean Toomey

‘Spirit of Brazil’ Comes Alive at ODC

The show “Spirit Of Brazil”, with the theme of “mar de tradicoes,” or sea of traditions, opens Thursday night at ODC Theater and runs through Oct. 21. We sat down with the show’s director, Marcia...

The Left Side of Me-Parenting and Politics 11.18 – 11.25

THE LEFT SIDE OF ME-PARENTING AND POLITICS 11.18 – 11.24 Hey Kids! is a weekly feature looking at what’s coming up for families and kids of all ages. “Your right side is completely out of...
Photo by Laurie Buenafe Krsmanovic.

Holiday Shows, Dirt, Bubbles, y Más!

It’s official, holiday season is in full swing! The city is teeming with bubbles, baubles, bunnies and elves.  Check out the events listing below, as well as SFKids’ copious holiday events flyer and best bets...
Theodore Wolfe Dranitzke

11.19 – 11.25 Tea, surreal window shopping, fake British accents y mas.

Tea, surreal window shopping, fake British accents y mas.