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Marina District after Loma Prieta. Photo taken by J.K. Nakata, United States Geological Survey

Disaster Training, Part 1: What to Have on Hand

On a brisk, cold night in the Mission, a group of neighborhood residents gather to discuss whether or not it is appropriate to drink water out of the toilet tank. En Español

NERT Disaster Training, Part 3: Triage

Inside, the talk is of getting into character. Certain victims are instructed to pant heavily, others to respond nonsensically to questions. Those sorted into the "yellow" category are given this motivation: “You’re noisemakers. You’re basically...
Market Street, 1906. Image Courtesy of the Bancroft Archive.

NERT Disaster Training, Part 2: Gas, Fires, Rescues

Class 1 was filled with promises of hard hats and reflective vests. Class 2 is all business. En Español

Mission Streetscape Workshop

Residents weigh in on projects designed to improve Mission District streetscapes. By STEFANIA ROUSSELLE
By Betty Bastidas

Taquerias in the Mission Struggle

The construction boom's end means immigrant workers have less money to eat out and taquerias need anglos to survive. By BETTY BASTIDAS