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All graphics by Molly Roy.

Election 2012: Mission Voters Historically Lean Left

The Mission is a liberal-leaning district in a liberal-leaning city in a liberal-leaning state. So it came as no surprise when an overwhelming majority of Mission voters — nearly 90 percent — voted in 2008...
Project Runway Season 7 Photo © Lifetime

Mission Local’s resident fashionista on local styles This week: Dolores Park talks Project Runway

Not since the last season of Sex and the City have I been rushing home to watch television the way that I have this year (maybe not so much rushing home as staying in on...

Mission Fashionista: Dare To Shine

Traveling to so many places this past year—Tokyo, Paris, London, Rome, Mali, Johannesburg—I’ve come to appreciate fashion elsewhere and trends.  While fashion elite  balk at the idea of closely following trends (they  encourage mixing trends...