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John O'Connell Principal Mark Alvarado talks with a teacher who stopped into his office earlier this week. Alvarado, a Mission resident and former John O'Connell administrator, returned to the school this fall as principal.

New John O’Connell Principal Aims to Bring Consistency, Create Community School

In the decade that Margot Goldstein has been an 11th-grade U.S. history teacher at John O’Connell High School, she has worked under five different principals. That’s not to mention countless deans and assistant principals who...
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El Absentismo Escolar Estudiantil Disminuye en Escuelas del Distrito de la Misión

En promedio, los niños en el Distrito de la Misión faltan a clase constantemente o llegan tarde a la escuela más frecuentemente que otros alumnos en todo el distrito escolar. Asimismo, las escuelas en la...
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Mission District Schools See Decrease in Student Truancy

On average, children in the Mission District perpetually skip class or arrive late to school more frequently than students in the entire school district. Schools in the Mission are also making significant strides to change...
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Cleaning Up Gas Stations’ Legacy

What the Mission District lacked in rich people, it made up for in gas stations.
Amarelis Raygoza, a second-grader at Cesar Chavez, walked to school with her mother Carmen.

Keep Failing Schools Open, Say Parents

Parents of low-performing schools aren't prepared to support the shutting down of the schools, one of the four options for low-achieving schools.