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Supervisors Campos and Peskin hold a press conference announcing their new legislation. Photo by Laura Wenus

Supervisors Target Homesharing Platforms with Hefty Fines

Some of the most progressive members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are firing another shot in their ongoing battle with short term rentals, introducing legislation that would require homesharing platforms to verify whether...

Tenant Advocates Denounce Startup Offering Buyout Services

Rent Masters, a startup offering to help tenants willing to move out of rent-controlled housing figure out what they would be owed in buyout money, came under fire last week by the city’s housing rights community. In...
Eddy had been camping on 18th Street in the Mission District until he was ordered to move during a Public Works sweep on March 17. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Sweeps Move SF Mission Homeless Block to Block

Clenching his dog’s leash in one hand, Ortega Flowers’ voice trembled with frustration as he recounted an interaction he had with a police officer shortly before his tent was removed during a city cleanup of a...