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Q&A: November’s Measure E, the “Soda Tax”

*+-Voters will decide in November if San Francisco may levy a tax of 2 cents per ounce on sugary drinks. The American Beverage Association has launched the Stop Unfair Beverage Taxes campaign to oppose the...

Giving Thanks: La Cliníca Martín-Baró Helps Close Healthcare Gaps

*+-One day two years ago, Consuelo Barrego’s nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. So she went where she had never been before: to San Francisco General Hospital. She left the hospital with a $3,600 bill and no...

After State Budget Cuts: More Toothless Mission Residents

*+-"If you don't have canine to canine tooth coverage, it's hard to get a job even as a line cook at McDonalds," says Carolyn Brown, General Director of the Native American Health Center. En Español

General Hospital Update: Rats, No Helipad

*+-“I just want to settle one thing right now,” says Jeff Critchfield, Chief of Staff. “Will this project include a helipad? There is no plan for a helipad." En Español
Among the things the street food craze has given San Francisco: Brian Boitano

As Food Cart Hearing Begins, Rumors Sizzle

*+-It has given talented, spirited, but underfunded cooks the chance to investigate the demand for their wares. It has makes San Francisco seem exciting and hip. It's totally in violation of California health code.
The conference took place at UCSF's new Mission Bay campus.

CEOs and Profs Debate Whether Technology Can Cut Health Care Costs

*+-Hundreds convened at Mission Bay to watch the show.