Remembering Ronnie Goodman

Friends of stabbing victim Ronnie Goodman, 20, crowded around a colorful altar in his honor at 24th and Capp street late Friday afternoon. They passed a bundle of burning sage around and remembered a vibrant young street artist who always seemed wise beyond his years. “He was just a … Continue reading
More than 100 people attended the 18th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival on Saturday with live music, graffiti artists and 1,000 square feet of canvas. Photo by Leslie Nguyen-Okwu.

Creativity Flows at Graffiti Arts Festival

Dozens of community artists wielding paint brushes and spray cans celebrated street art at the 18th Annual Urban Youth Arts Festival on Saturday. The festival, organized by Precita Eyes, invited artists of all ages to express themselves on 1,000 square feet of portable wall space at Precita Park … Continue reading
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Preserving Street Art in San Francisco

SFGate writes today about British street artist Banksy and the campaign to save his well-known graffiti work in San Francisco. The once-fringe artist has reached growing audiences in recent years after the release of “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” his Oscar-nominated documentary film. In … Continue reading