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Youth Speak Up About Election Issues

Students from Children’s Day School speak about the issues that matter to them in the election. Find out what the next generation of voters care about. “I’ve been raised believing voting is the right thing to...
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LIVE BLOG: 2012 California Election Results

Once the polls close, this interactive California graphic will update with real-time election results as Golden State votes are counted. Watch the results roll in beginning at 8 p.m. PST. Find out how Californians cast...
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Election 2012 vs. 2008: The Thrill Is Gone

Four years ago, voters turned out in record numbers to cast ballots in an election that would result in America’s first black president. Voters repeated words like “hope” and “change.” Barack Obama is again vying...
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Proposition G, Brought to You by Sock Puppets

Proposition G on the November ballot would make it San Francisco’s policy that corporations are not persons, and should therefore not have the same rights. Under current federal law, corporations are allowed to donate unlimited amounts...
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Election 2012: Mission Voters Historically Lean Left

The Mission is a liberal-leaning district in a liberal-leaning city in a liberal-leaning state. So it came as no surprise when an overwhelming majority of Mission voters — nearly 90 percent — voted in 2008...
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2012 Election: Live Coverage of First Presidential Debate

Follow Mission Local’s live coverage of the first presidential debate! [View the story “2012 Elections: Live Coverage of First Presidential Debate” on Storify]