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La gente asiste a la celebración de la colaboración entre el Colectivo para Mujeres a los Servicios de la Comunidad de la Calle Dolores para el Programa para Jornaleros.

El Colectivo de Mujeres Se Une con Servicios para la Comunidad de la Calle Dolores en Programa para Jornaleros

El pasado jueves, en el Centro Eric Quezada para la Cultura y Política, ubicado en la calle Valencia y 16, se celebró con música, baile y mariachis la unión de varias instituciones del Distrito de...

Business Sense on Valencia St.

Valencia's niche expectations.
Haitian Wilfred Bellot urges S.F. to remember Haiti.

Haitian Community’s Plea

And how Mission District businesses are responding. En Español

Bottomless Grievances & Complaints

“To contribute further to the litany of grievances and complaints…” I wasn’t sure exactly what the young gentleman walking in front of me was referring to, but he could have been talking about pretty much...
Ana Pérez and Roberto Lovato at Friday's celebration.

From Basta to Hasta la Vista

Lou Dobb's resignation is a reason for drinking and dancing for Bay Area activists.
Sheila Chung Hagen

From Activist to Negotiator

Sheila Chung Hagen worked effectively behind the scenes on the Sanctuary Ordinance.
Dr. Raul Hinojosa Ojeda speaks to the city's leaders.

Foreclosures Too High in Communities of Color

Housing foreclosures increase disproportionately in African-American and Latino communities.