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Dan Hirsch and Andrea Valencia chat housing and fire safety on Listen Local. Photo by Laura Wenus.

Listen Local: Inside the Planning Commission

Listen Local is Mission Local in audio form. We record live on a biweekly webcast at BFF.fm every other Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. First on the agenda this week’s episode is an excerpt from a...
Residents of the building at 22nd and Mission look on at burnt building. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

Mission Fire Tenants: There Were No Smoke Alarms

Disclosure: Mission Local was a commercial tenant for a year and half at the building discussed in this article. For many of the 65 residents who escaped the four-alarm fire that ripped through their homes...
Delma spends most days with baby Elmer in the family's $600-a-month hotel room.

A Family Home In An SRO

San Francisco is a city with a serious affordable housing deficit. As more families suffer from job loss and slashed hours, many are turning to single room occupancy hotels for shelter.En Español