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pan de muertoML

Baking Pan de Muerto With Chaac-Mool

Chaac-Mool owners Luis Vazquez and Maria de la Luz Vazquez talk to Mission Local about the traditions of Día de los Muertos and share their recipe for pan de muerto: 1 lb. white flour 1 cup...
Our Day of the Dead Calaveras and Letters

Dia de Mis Muertos-Death, Love, Family 11.4-11.11

DÍA DE MIS MUERTOS-DEATH, LOVE, FAMILY Hey Kids! is a weekly feature looking at what’s coming up for families and kids of all ages. We did Day of the Dead on Tuesday, only my second...


With Day of the Dead and Halloween now behind us, surely many people will get the post-dress-up-like-a-fool-in-public blues. But November has other treats in store. And not just turkey/tofurkey day. That’s right, it’s Movember! Not...