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Linea Caffe Opens

Star-Studded Linea Caffe Opens on 18th Street

Coffee aficionados descended upon the corner of 18th and San Carlos this morning for the opening of Andrew Barnett’s long-awaited Linea Caffe. “It’s almost like going to see the Pope — this guy is coffee...
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Business Runs in the Family at Cafe La Taza

Carlos Martinez, manager of Cafe La Taza on Mission Street, says business runs in the family. His father, Noel Martinez, managed a supermarket in his native Nicaragua before moving to the United States with his...
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The Mission’s Secret Coffee Cup: A Shady Seat and a Bitter Brew at Chile Lindo

A strip of 16th Street between Mission and Folsom is dotted with random storefronts, an abandoned automotive shop that resembles an archaeological dig, and a trio of small cafes offering Chinese food, burgers and tacos....